Cherishing The Moments

Cherishing The Moments

Greetings, I hope everyone has been having a safe summer so far.

No matter what season it is, I still go by under the notion of “Always dress for the occasion” no matter if it is hot, cold or even damp. Spending time outdoors during a season where it is encouraged to be outdoors underneath a nice shade from a big tree is always good for the heart.

Today, I would like to show off another product of ours: The official HM Models T-Shirt!

The HM Model T-Shirt goes along nicely with nearly any outfit regardless of occasion or scenery.

A plain white T-shirt may seem like it is a basic article of clothing upon first glance. However, let me reference the last blog post where I discussed about “the simple things that matter”. This applies here as well and let me tell you why.

It isn’t about the T-shirt, it is about who wears it and what does it represent. Obviously, it represents the essence of HM Model. The best part being that they can be worn with most attires. It is the simple things we often ignore because of our desire to always want the big things. We must always start from somewhere and we must also cherish these moments, so we may look back and reflect on our progress.

As for the T-shirt itself, there isn’t much to say because you can make it work with any outfit. The simple comfortable feel and design can give you near endless amounts of possibilities. For instance, I wear my black blazer with it and I feel comfortable in it.

No matter what setting I find myself in, if I happen to be shopping at a department store or simply taking a stroll at a garden surrounded with thick trees that provide shade. This shirt is the perfect definition of adaptable, along with the official GSyndicates T-shirt.

Everyone has their roots no matter where they come from. In moments like these, I will definitely reflect on moments like these in a few years. It is sign of progress and that leads to greater things.

Yours in fashion,


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