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Shenica R. Graham: Excellent by Design.

GSyndicates Founder, Shenica R. Graham on the cover of GSyndicates Magazine

GSyndicates Magazine
GSyndicates Founder, Shenica R. Graham on the cover of GSyndicates Magazine
The GS Impress Necklace – handmade by Shenica R. Graham (the first GS accessory ever made)

Shenica R. Graham is the Founder / Owner / Sr. Designer at GSyndicates Design, a division of GSyndicates, LLC. She is a creative powerhouse and artist to be revered. She is an avid online writer, graphic artist, recording artist, web and CSS designer, authorteacher, tutor, and multifaceted creative thinker.

If you are looking for someone with ideas, you have come to the right place. She has experience creating online programs, marketing solutions, branding, graphic designs, websites, publications, blogs, apparel, accessories, author and artist promotions, music, and so much more!

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Fashion Design Experience

Shenica is a lifelong student and apprentice of her mother, Deborah (Owner / Designer of Iowa’s premiere fashion house, House of Sherell). She has been designing doll clothes since age 6, sitting at the feet of her sewing mother. Her maternal grandmother was also a talented and influential seamstress. According to a 2019 interview, Shenica began designing clothes for herself to wear at age nine. She is known for saying, “I have designer genes and designer jeans!

In high school, Shenica would from time to time be found sewing throughout the night, making clothes to wear the next day. As a Sophomore, she made the graduation dress for one of her Senior high school friends. This friend was her first paying client. Furthering her entrepreneurial spirit, Shenica made and sold plush bears dressed in her original designs. A high-school counselor bought her most-popular item, a bear dressed in a red, couture gown with hand sewn embellishments. In college, Shenica continued to create wearable art including custom painted t-shirts. Shenica has also served GSyndicates as a model, photographer, and stylist.

Shenica’s designs complement a variety of body shapes and sizes. Her first full-sized (not just for dolls and bears) apparel and accessory collection, GSIA™ (GSyndicates Iowa, now part of GSyndicates™), was first featured at the November 2013 House of Sherell Fashion Show & Banquet. The star of the collection was a pearl white suit dubbed, “Marilyn.” This show stopper (shown below) was born in one of Shenica’s bursts of manic energy (a nod to her Bipolar battle – Shenica was diagnosed with PTSD, Major Depression, and Schizoaffective Bipolar Disorder (following a near death experience). Her condition is managed by medication, allowing her to thrive creatively. Learn about her mental health activism).

Fashion Mogul In The Making

Immediately following the fashion show, GSIA was featured with HM Model Ashlyn wearing “Marilyn” on the cover of Haute Midwest Magazine. Today, Shenica’s apparel and accessory designs are available exclusively from her own label, GSyndicates™ and its many brands.

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Model Ashlyn wearing “Marilyn” by GSIA (Shenica R. Graham)
Model Sawanda wearing “Marilyn” by GSIA (Shenica R. Graham)

Other Experience

Graphic Design, Web Design, and Copywriting Experience

Shenica has a passion for education and teaching is her first academic love. She holds a BA in Psychology and BA in General Studies, both from Wichita State University. I am currently a Full Stack Web Design student. She teaches biblical and psychology courses, specializing in spiritual development and mental health disorders, especially schizoaffective bipolar disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, and major depression – all of which she conquers. Teaching online has provided her the opportunity to give back to her community in a tangible way.

Shenica has over 20 years of experience in online writing, authoring hundreds of documents including blogs, articles, books, and reviews. She has over 10 years of experience teaching Bible study. She also hosts a psychology university online. By private study and trade (endorsement in progress), she is a Web and CSS artist. As a Webmaster and WordPress enthusiast since 2007, she has authored over 50 websites showcasing her graphic designs and prolific writing.

Shenica began creating websites nearly twenty years ago – before they were intensely popular, and before every business owner learned that a state-of-the-art Website was a must-have. She discovered WordPress in 2009. She now specializes in Small Business Consulting, aiding new and established businesses in launching vibrant content.

Shenica’s extensive writing and design project experience (in addition to providing your organization with an aesthetically stunning brand and web presence) also allows her to create the fundraising P3 – “Products, Paraphernalia, and Publications.” Contact her for more information, or hire her to get started with your creative project.

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